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Our Mission


Our Model

We model the possibilities and are an example to others of what life can be. We commit to living for a purpose greater than ourselves. 


“To live a life of purpose, we must live life on purpose.”

- United Alliance Leadership

Our Focus

Our partners represent a wealth of business experience. Throughout our experiences we noticed opportunities to deliver unmet needs. These unmet needs exist everywhere and throughout each industry we examined. We discovered far too often, that people involved in business dealings often feel, under appreciated, underutilized, and underwhelmed. We seek to delight our associates, customers, partners, and shareholders.


We see business as a platform to do the greatest good for mankind. Our “True North” is to become the cornerstone that unites people for a dynamic exchange. As we deliberately work together to achieve common goals we create beautiful mosaics. 


Business is commerce, social intercourse; an exchange and interchange of ideas, opinions, sentiments, goods and commodities. We strive to create social intercourse, to focus on the commonalities that bring people together.


Gestalt, an organized whole that is perceived as more than the sum of its parts; a configuration, pattern or organized field having specific properties that cannot be derived from the summation of its individual components.


The expression of gestalt for us is seen through our Community. We commit to discovering our passion, purpose and potential - our enlightenment, in order to have the greatest impact on the world. As we become enlightened, we commit to helping others become enlightened. By uniting enlightened groups, we see gestalt come to life, we see our ability to influence our environments, we build Community.


As enlightened individuals work in the Community they become Game Changers. 


Game Changers live their passion, maximize their potential, and follow their purpose. 


We strive to live where our passion, purpose, and potential intersect; our Center of Greatness. As we live within our Center of Greatness, we can see the highest representation of our giftedness.

The United Alliance exists on the premise of “Do Well By Doing Good”


We Exist

We exist to be the difference, to model the possibilities, to inspire others to accomplish their dreams. Together, we build futures, we create Communities, we deliver outcomes. Together we can change the world.

We demonstrate our Passion for Life, our Purpose to Serve, and maximize our Potential to Create.

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